Psychedelic medicines are helping people…

Let their transformative stories guide you as you embark on your own healing journey

Short Book Description:

Does your life need transforming? Are you seeking an alternative to suffering or taking mind-numbing prescription pills? Are you looking to get closer to God, the Divine? Read these 23 inspirational and powerful stories that people from all spectrums of life graciously share here.

Find yourself in one of these 23 stories that range from people seeking clarity on their future to wanting to heal from their emotional pain to freeing themselves from addiction to diving deeply into the Divine. These tremendous stories will move you to places you may have never visited – where you’ll find self-love and acceptance – and a perhaps a path for your own transformation.

What’s inside? This book has all the information you need to begin your journey of discovery into whether one or more of these psychedelic medicines may help you. You’ll find several chapters covering all the basics of psychedelics – from their fascinating history to how these medicines work to how and what you need to move forward with intentionally using psychedelic medicines – as well as those amazingly transformative stories. What are you waiting for? Transform YOUR life.

10 Takeaways from Triumph Over Trauma

Here are some of the answers you’ll find in this story-driven book:

What Our Readers Are Saying

Dr. Randall Hansen has provided us with the right book, at the right time, for all the right reasons. Triumph Over Trauma is the right set and setting at the moment, filled with empowering personal stories and journeys that will educate and empower you about Entheogenic Medicines.

Gaetano G.M. Lardieri Global Researcher and Transhumanist