About Dr. Randall Hansen, Ph.D.

Dr. Randall is a Healing Advocate, Educator, Ethicist, Thought-Leader Helping the World HEAL!

His ground-breaking book — Triumph Over Trauma: Psychedelic Medicines Are Helping People Heal Their Trauma, Change Their Lives, and Grow Their Spirituality — is changing the way people look at healing… healing trauma via the intentional use of psychedelic substances and plant medicines.

His forthcoming book will continue to push healing to the NEXT level: Heal! Wholeistic Practices to Help Clear Your Trauma, Heal Yourself, and Live Your Best Life.

Dr. Randall is a frequent guest on wellness, healing, and psychedelic podcasts. Learn more about Dr. Randall on LinkedIn and/or his personal website.

Heal! cover, by Dr Randall Hansen