Core Message of Triumph Over Trauma


This book is written for those among us who are hurting, depressed, angry, and lost; for those seeking new treatments and true healing; for those searching for a higher purpose or a connection with the Divine; and for those simply curious about why the topic of psychedelics is seemingly everywhere.


This book is the perfect mix of the latest information and research results on the use of psychedelic medicines as well as the true and authentic transformative experiences of people from diverse backgrounds.


The individuals willing to share their deeply personal stories so that you can learn from their experiences are the true heroes here – and are the backbone and power behind this book.


We are in a healing crisis, but psychedelic medicines are quickly moving into the mainstream, and the next year or two will be pivotal in terms of the availability, access, and regulations/laws related to these medicines.

Imagine that you had no ill effects from past trauma: no depression, no addiction, no thoughts of suicide. Imagine there are substances that have been used as healing medicines for centuries – substances which have been illegal in the U.S. and around the world for more than 5 decades because of questionable politics of the War on Drugs.

Thousands of research studies regarding the potential benefits of psychedelic medicines have now been produced (both from before the ban and from more recent times) – and the results are astounding. Soldiers healed from the traumas of war (PTSD), adults healed from childhood intergenerational traumas from parents and grandparents; abuse survivors relieved of their guilt, shame, anger; depression-sufferers released of their prison of sadness and the need to take antidepressant medications; agnostic people discovering spirituality.

What you’ll find in this book is all the information you need to begin your journey of discovery into whether one or more of these psychedelic medicines may help you. You’ll find several chapters covering all the basics of psychedelics, from their fascinating history to how these medicines work to how and what you need to move forward with intentionally using psychedelic medicines.

Find yourself in one or more of the 23 stories that people from all spectrums of life graciously share here. These stories range from people seeking clarity about their future to wanting to heal from their pain to freeing themselves from addiction to diving deeply into the Divine. These tremendous stories will move you to places you may have never visited – where you’ll find self-love and acceptance – and a perhaps a path for your own transformation.

Finally, while macrodosing (full-on hallucinogenic experience) with these psychedelic medicines for healing is the major focus of the book, there is also a chapter and several stories on microdosing for healing; the advantage of microdosing is that the dose is too small to produce any perceptible effects.

Table of Contents

Author’s Note

Part One: The Basics of Psychedelic Medicines
Chapter 1: Frequently Asked Questions About Psychedelics
Chapter 2: The Real Psychedelic Revolution and Its Historical Context
Chapter 3: Best Practices of Healing Through Psychedelics and Entheogenic Medicines

Part Two: Real Stories of Healing and Transformational Journeys
Chapter 4: Allison – Just Say YES! Psychedelics Saved My Life – and My Family
Chapter 5: Ryan – A Combat Veteran’s Journey Home - Reconnecting Heart and Mind
Chapter 6: Crystal – Desperation Turns to Healing and Relief
Chapter 7: Ranga – Freedom. Liberation… Rebirth
Chapter 8: Aditi – The Mother’s Call: Finding Healing by Listening to the Call
Chapter 9: Todd – Enough Was Enough
Chapter 10: Jessica – Circling Death & Dropping into the Womb
Chapter 11: Guy – The Bullshit Machine That is Me: Releasing My Addiction
Chapter 12: Urja – The End of Suffering from Depression & Anxiety
Chapter 13: Jason – Self-Inquiry… and Dealing With My Shadow Self
Chapter 14: Mikaela – Top of the Pyramid – A 360-Degree View from the Heart of Sun
Chapter 15: Ariel – After Decades of Suffering and Pain, I Found Love and Acceptance
Chapter 16: Alexandra – Reconnecting with Myself/Returning to My Center
Chapter 17: Hunt – I Sensed the Holy Spirit Moving Through My Body
Chapter 18: Bea – Coming Out of the Psychedelic Closet, or… Diving in Deep Into The Unknown
Chapter 19: Tuscany – My Ego Witnessed Itself for What it Was: Clever, Deceitful, and Powerful
Chapter 20: Katja – I Could Not Compromise My Truth Any Longer
Chapter 21: Jessika – Healing the Mother Wound with Mushrooms
Chapter 22: Charles – I Encountered Jesus: My Burning Bush Experience
Chapter 23: Nirel – I Was Blind…But Now I see

Part Three: Microdosing
Chapter 24: One Other Alternative: Microdosing
Chapter 25: Dannielle – Researching the Power of Microdosing: Yes, it Works!
Chapter 26: Marina – Microdosing for OCD and Anxious Attachment
Chapter 27: Kristin – Dipping My Toes Into Microdosing – and Finding Healing

Part Four: Wrap Up
Chapter 28: Key Takeaways For Your Psychedelic Journey – Summary/Conclusion
Appendix 1: Psychedelic Organizations and Web Resources
Appendix 2: Psychedelic Books and Documentary Movies & Series

Psychedelic Glossary
Praise About Triumph Over Trauma

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